Japanese Style Garden

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At a glance, this garden demonstrates several distinct features including a pond, pergola, circular walkway pattern and several wooden accent pieces. Hidden within these elements is a far more elaborate design process, performed by Nature’a Palette project supervisor Matthew Morris in 2014. Matthew has studied at the Osaka Institute in Japan and was mentored in the Art of Japanese Garden Design. His ability to express meaning in the landscape based on traditional Japanese design principles, is meticulously expressed throughout the design. Everything from the placement of accent rocks, the orientation of the bridge and water feature to the plant material used were adapted to fit our Canadian climate (and unfortunately harsh winters). He combined elements that stimulate the senses to encourage meditation and relaxation as one walks through the space.   

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Sunken Garden with River Feature

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Armour Stone Garden around base of tree



A recent Install in the Kitchener-Waterloo area completed by  Aaron, Charles, Giancarlo and Owen last week. 





A combination of river stone, armour stone and flagstone were used to naturalize the backyard space. A sunken garden patio increased the livability of the backyard by converting the under-utilized slope into a sitting area. A large existing tree just off the centre of the yard, generated slight difficulty during the design process. The Nature’s Palette design team used it to their advantage by creating a shade garden beneath the tree and used the existing infrastructure to stabilized the installed steps. It now creates an interesting border feature for the patio.

Natural River Feature

The design concept for the space followed a 3 principle concepts beginning with functional passive seating and separation from the house. This was successfully achieved by separating the upper backyard level from the patio with a change in grade. By altering view points into and out of the patio, a more intimate space is created. Secondly, the use of natural stone features meld with the existing elements in the yard. The final tier in the design process involved the manipulation of water. The natural water feature stimulates the senses and drowns out any disruptive city noise. The incorporation of water not only serves as an aesthetic feature but also attracts wildlife.

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