Winter Tree and Shrub Preparation

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It  is important to take special measures to protect evergreen tree and shrubs from with wind and blowing snow damage . We are more than happy to come close your garden and properly prepare your trees for the winter cold.

Some of the steps to follow to ensure proper winter care include:

0. Winter preparation should begin with adequate watering in the fall.

1. Protect from salt spray with a double-layer of burlap. Ideally, choose salt tolerant plants for road-side planting or place evergreen within a reasonable distance from the road. Salt-spray not only damages the needles and trunk, but can burn the root system when salt-water runs into the soil.

2. To conserve water for evergreens and broad-leaf evergreens, apply a thick layer of mulch to the base of the Trees or plants.

3. Broken branches can be prevented by tying the branches with heavy duty string or twine.

4. Young trees can be protected with plastic tree guards to prevent damage from animals such as rabbits and mice. Remove these guards in the summer to prevent the trees from trapping moisture around the bark and attracting insects.

5. If rabbits are a big problem in your area, use chicken wire cages around or over plants or shrubs that they are particularly attracted to. As the snow levels rise, they may be able to chew the tops of the plants or shrubs, be sure to install them so they are taller than the height of the shrub or plant.

Contact us if you would like professional assistance with these tasks.


Happy Holidays and New Year from Nature’s Palette!

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Wishing all of our clients and employees a very happy holidays and New Year!

This extended fall weather is leaving us little need for snow removal, but don’t be fooled- the snow is just around the corner! Prepare yourselves with one of our snow removal packages. Please inquire for further information and an estimate.

Thinking about a Landscape Project for next season? Call Us! We are open until December 18th then close for the Holidays and re-open January 4th. We would be happy to set-up a consultation and quote your project. Our design office is still working away throughout the winter season in preparation for all the exciting projects for Spring/Summer 2016!

It is still not too late to plant spring bulbs. Some hardy flower choices might include; tulips, narcissi, hyacinths and crocuses. As long as they were properly stored in the fall and well-aired, they should be perfectly fine to plant. We’ve had stories of people digging into the snow covered soil in early January and still having brilliant flowers come spring. Test your luck- It is not too late!

We will be accepting project bookings in the New Year- Best to book ahead so you can be first on the list for your dream outdoor space.

Thank you to everyone who has chosen Nature’s Palette Landscape & Design for your Landscaping needs. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year!






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NATURE’S PALETTE is offering an opportunity to join our fast growing, landscape company that serves the Guelph and surrounding areas. In business since 2008, we’ve built our reputation on delivering reliable, superior quality service in both residential and commercial design/build landscaping. We take pride in not only making a client’s dream reality but sustaining a good relationship with our clients from beginning to years later.


*Hardworking, detail orientated
*Willing to learn new skills
*Work well on your own or with a team
*Want the opportunity to grow within our company

*Minimum 2-3 years experience in Landscape Hardscape Construction
*Must have experience with interlocking, walkways, patios, leveling & grading, pergolas, retaining walls, etc.
*Ability to operate equipment such as cut saws, bobcats, etc.
*Landscape or any skilled trade diploma or certification that benefits landscape construction an asset
*Valid Ontario Driver’s Licence

Job will be Full or Part Time. Hourly wage based upon experience.

Please send resume to Fax: 519-821-3129 or Email:


Fall Clean-Up and Winter Preparation

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Since summer has come to a close and the cold weather is rolling in, your yard needs a little extra help with Fall and Winter Prep.

At Nature’s Palette we offer Fall Clean-Up services as well as Snow Removal contracts.

Our Fall Clean-Up services include:

  • Raking leaves
  • Fertilizer Application
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Pruning of trees/shrubs
  • Cutting back perennials
  • Tree planting/transplanting
  • Mulch Application
  • Final Lawn Mowing

With a visit to your property we can provide a quote and organize a contract that best suits your yard.
We can be reached by phone at 519-822-3123 extension 302 or via e-mail at

We look forward to your inquiries!

-Nature’s Palette Team



Japanese Style Garden

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At a glance, this garden demonstrates several distinct features including a pond, pergola, circular walkway pattern and several wooden accent pieces. Hidden within these elements is a far more elaborate design process, performed by Nature’a Palette project supervisor Matthew Morris in 2014. Matthew has studied at the Osaka Institute in Japan and was mentored in the Art of Japanese Garden Design. His ability to express meaning in the landscape based on traditional Japanese design principles, is meticulously expressed throughout the design. Everything from the placement of accent rocks, the orientation of the bridge and water feature to the plant material used were adapted to fit our Canadian climate (and unfortunately harsh winters). He combined elements that stimulate the senses to encourage meditation and relaxation as one walks through the space.   

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Sunken Garden with River Feature

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Armour Stone Garden around base of tree



A recent Install in the Kitchener-Waterloo area completed by  Aaron, Charles, Giancarlo and Owen last week. 





A combination of river stone, armour stone and flagstone were used to naturalize the backyard space. A sunken garden patio increased the livability of the backyard by converting the under-utilized slope into a sitting area. A large existing tree just off the centre of the yard, generated slight difficulty during the design process. The Nature’s Palette design team used it to their advantage by creating a shade garden beneath the tree and used the existing infrastructure to stabilized the installed steps. It now creates an interesting border feature for the patio.

Natural River Feature

The design concept for the space followed a 3 principle concepts beginning with functional passive seating and separation from the house. This was successfully achieved by separating the upper backyard level from the patio with a change in grade. By altering view points into and out of the patio, a more intimate space is created. Secondly, the use of natural stone features meld with the existing elements in the yard. The final tier in the design process involved the manipulation of water. The natural water feature stimulates the senses and drowns out any disruptive city noise. The incorporation of water not only serves as an aesthetic feature but also attracts wildlife.

We are still booking Landscape Construction projects for this fall and are available for landscape design consultations all year round. We look forward to working with you! 


Waterfall Reconstruction

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The team was working at a site in Cambridge for several weeks completing everything from a cottage garden on the front boulevard to a billowing woodland garden in the backyard under the canopy of a newly planted Pyrus calleryana. The last step to complete the backyard space was to repair the existing water fall feature.

Aaron, Charles and Owen worked together to complete the project. Aaron’s attention to detail and diverse knowledge in water hydraulics lead the team’s success. The following photos credit their recent work.

Waterfall feature with existing statuary and bridge feature

Waterfall feature with existing statuary and bridge


Waterfall with existing statuary













Please note: All materials were existing and had to be re-used. 


Guelph- South End: Mega- Flagstone Steps & Dry River Bed

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Mega Flagstone Steps facilitate easy access for lawn maintenance equipment and create an inviting entry to the backyard space

Mega Flagstone Steps facilitate easy access for lawn maintenance equipment and create an inviting entry to the backyard

Despite the heat wave, Nature’s Palette crews are completing landscape and construction projects all over the GTA. A recently completed project in the south end of Guelph is pictured. This poorly graded backyard slope was converted into a natural stone step entrance feature from the side walkway to backyard. The newly constructed mega-flag stone steps generate a sense of entry and facilitate a gradual incline for lawn maintenance equipment.

With increased urbanization and closely constructed homes, neighbourhoods require a re-defined sense of place. Re-establishing a sense of identity on a smaller scale is what we accomplished at this site specifically. The mediums used at the back of the property (not featured),  generate a proper drainage pathway that mimics a natural dry river bed. The natural stone steps and accent rocks soften the surrounding fence line and complement the existing plant material on site. Design allows us to re-invent the urban landscape; sometimes in effort to return it to its natural aesthetics. Thank you to the crew leader Aaron and his crew members Charles and Giancarlo for their attention to detail and admirable work ethic. Photos were provided by a very grateful client!

Before Nature's Palette- The poorly graded slope made for improper drainage and difficult access

Before Nature’s Palette- The poorly graded slope made for improper drainage and difficult access

The crew (from left) Charles, Aaron and Giancarlo

The crew (from left) Charles, Aaron and Giancarlo