Winter Tree and Shrub Preparation

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It  is important to take special measures to protect evergreen tree and shrubs from with wind and blowing snow damage . We are more than happy to come close your garden and properly prepare your trees for the winter cold.

Some of the steps to follow to ensure proper winter care include:

0. Winter preparation should begin with adequate watering in the fall.

1. Protect from salt spray with a double-layer of burlap. Ideally, choose salt tolerant plants for road-side planting or place evergreen within a reasonable distance from the road. Salt-spray not only damages the needles and trunk, but can burn the root system when salt-water runs into the soil.

2. To conserve water for evergreens and broad-leaf evergreens, apply a thick layer of mulch to the base of the Trees or plants.

3. Broken branches can be prevented by tying the branches with heavy duty string or twine.

4. Young trees can be protected with plastic tree guards to prevent damage from animals such as rabbits and mice. Remove these guards in the summer to prevent the trees from trapping moisture around the bark and attracting insects.

5. If rabbits are a big problem in your area, use chicken wire cages around or over plants or shrubs that they are particularly attracted to. As the snow levels rise, they may be able to chew the tops of the plants or shrubs, be sure to install them so they are taller than the height of the shrub or plant.

Contact us if you would like professional assistance with these tasks.


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